How to Use Reddit to Get Your Dream Job in 2022

Getting a job or internship in today’s landscape sucks. As a job seeker, you reformat your resume. You write the cover letter. You cross your fingers, hope for the best, and… nothing.

Career professionals can help you refine your application, but they cost a pretty penny. So, what more can you do as a struggling job hunter?

Here’s the perfect, underrated solution: Reddit.

That’s right, Reddit – a social media platform for community building and networking. Sure, most people use the platform to learn more about Minecraft or puppies. But there are thousands of Redditors using the site to get resume help, find jobs, and secure their dream role.

So, for a moment, ditch the costly career advisors, stop reading generic articles, and see how Reddit can transform your job search.

Using Reddit to Get Career Advice

Have you ever found yourself needing answers to a very specific question? Maybe you want to learn more about Salesforce’s interview process. Or perhaps you need advice on an internship with NBCUniversal.

Sure, you might pray to the Google gods to give you exactly what you need. But stop searching and consider Reddit as your go-to source for specific career help.

How exactly does posting to Reddit work? Follow these three easy steps:

1. Make a Reddit account

Go to the following registration link and quickly set up your account.

2. Follow relevant subreddits

When you create your account, Reddit will likely introduce you to subreddits you can follow. If you want to use Reddit strictly for career advice, feel free to avoid the more popular subreddits. Or, you can follow r/dogs for infinite cuteness. Whatever works for you.

The following forums will help you find a good landing spot:

3. Start liking and commenting on posts

Many subreddits have rules in place to avoid spam. To get around this, make a few useful comments on some posts to get upvotes from other users. Eventually, you’ll be able to freely make posts on most subreddits.

4. Make your post

Once you’re able to publish posts in a subreddit, simply craft one. Remember to adhere to subreddit rules. For example, in many subreddits, you can’t promote your social media accounts. 

When drafting your post, remember to include helpful details – but never drop personal information. You never know if a recruiter will eventually see your post. 

In a worst-case scenario, a recruiter might stumble upon your post and recognize you as a candidate. Not good. But you can easily avoid this by excluding personal information.

Here’s a sample post from r/internships to help you get started:

“I applied to the J&J R&D internship and did the digital interview about a month ago, but haven’t heard anything since. I’m wondering what the timeline for the selection process looks like, and if I’m still in the running. Curious if anyone else is in the same boat or has any insight on this. Thank you in advance!”

The poster includes specific details but reveals little about themselves. And they received tons of helpful advice from other Redditors.

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Using Reddit to Find Jobs

Did you know Reddit can also help you find a job? 

In fact, several recruiters have made Reddit an integral part of their strategy. As a job seeker, you have a unique opportunity to meet recruiters in an unsaturated place. Most people flock to LinkedIn for jobs but only a few use Reddit.

To get started, take a look through these job posting subreddits:

While Reddit cannot make up the bulk of your job-seeking strategy, you’ll likely see better results on the platform. 

On LinkedIn or Indeed, you really have no way to contact the recruiter. But on Reddit, you can comment or even direct message the job poster for more information. In fact, given Reddit’s more casual premise, recruiters may feel more inclined to strike up a conversation with you during the application process.

In a sea of a thousand LinkedIn candidates, why not become a Reddit one?

Using Reddit to Find Internships

If you’re not quite ready to apply for entry-level jobs, Reddit can introduce you to internships, too.

While you can find many job posting subreddits, internship hunters will find most postings in r/internships. For example, those on the forum can see a remote internship posted just today. 

Of course, many use the subreddit to illicit advice – but recruiters recognize the space as a great opportunity to get interns.

Using Reddit to Learn about Your Industry

Has a recruiter ever asked you how you stay up-to-date on news and trends? Several candidates might freeze up because you have to actively search for information.

But on Reddit, you get news and information delivered straight to your timeline.

For example, as a digital marketer, I really enjoy r/marketing. And I’m not alone: Nearly 400,000 people use the sub to ask questions, post analyses, and discuss trends. 

Aside from marketing, Reddit has a lot of different subreddits for you to look through:

So, next time a recruiter asks you that question, you can confidently say “yes, I enjoy reading Reddit posts in r/marketing”. Done and done.

Using Reddit to Create a Personal Brand

Building up your professional brand takes a lot of work. On LinkedIn, you have to publish posts, interact with others, and grow your network. 

Did you know Reddit can help you build up your brand, too?

If you opt to attach your professional information to your account, Reddit can help you build up your expertise through the platform. In fact, many longtime posters end up becoming moderators of large subreddits. 

So, when searching for jobs, noting your experience in helping others really helps you stand out. 

As we can see, job seekers have underscored the usefulness of Reddit. We get it, LinkedIn rocks – but looking into lesser-known alternatives like Reddit can reap awesome benefits.

So, create that Reddit account, start following subreddits, and get that dream job of yours. You won’t regret it.

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